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Live Wire Booking

Live Wire Booking teams up with Tonic Breed!

Live Wire Booking is a booking agency that promotes concerts, book tours, individual concerts and festivals, and it also presents international and national artists and bands in Scandinavia in the genre of hard rock and heavy metal. An exciting time is awaiting Tonic Breed as we just recently signed a deal with Live Wire Booking.

Crypto Knight Music Video

Video Premiere: Crypto Knight.

Made by: Patrik K. Svendsen and Oscar Birk

Special Thanks: Oscar Birk, Per Stranger, Kingsrød Gård, Norsk Gjenvinning Metall

Photo: Oscar Birk

Drone: Christian Bedsvaag

Actor: Marius Tveit

Band in video: Ole Danielsen, Rudi Golimo, Patrik Svendsen, Jørgen Abrahamsen

Crypto Knight

In just a couple of days a new music video will be released. The video will feature Crypto Knight, the first song on Install Memory. With that video we've made a music video to all studio songs on our EP release.

The video is made by Patrik K. Svendsen and Oscar Birk, and is filmed in July, 2018. People in the crypto currency universe might recognize the spesific event the story is based on.

Make sure to follow our Youtube channel to get notified the second it's out!

Crypto Knight music video

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Tonic Breed: Rebellious Tendencies (Live at Tribute)

Rebellious Tendencies (Sandnes, Norway - 2018)