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Allies in Arms 2

Together with Rockealliansen we're playing a gig in May to celebrate a release of a LP. This release will consist of music from multiple bands that are members of Rockealliansen. Including in those songs is our own Outsold. We are glad to be a part of this release and we're looking forward to play the song for the first time since 2013. We will also do a couple of other songs from our song catalouge.

Allies in Arms 2

Ten Years

This autumn we had a ten years anniversary. We are proud to still be an active band, playing concerts, releasing albums and all other cool stuff a band can do. We hope for another ten years, and maybe we can hope for another ten after that. Friday november 4th, we played a show in smokin' hot suits, and celebrated our anniversary with a show in our home town, Sarpsborg. We shared the stage with Meltdown and Scars, and 120 people showed up to be a part of this evening. Tonic Breed will give you more in the future.

Tonic Breed at Glenghuset, 2016

Live Videos

We'll post some more live videos in the future. They all will be listed on this page.

Live Videos

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Tonic Breed Rebellious Tendencies

Rebellious Tendencies (Oslo - 2017)