Tonic Breed

It all started four years ago...

On the Brink of Destruction

Photograph licensed under CC-BY-SA-4.0

Tonic Breed started out in the autumn of 2006 in Sarpsborg, Norway. In 2009, Tonic Breed won a live contest, which included nearly 50 bands. First prize was the chance to make a full CD recording. Taking advantage of this prize, the band recorded their debut album On The Brink Of Destruction, which was released independently in November 2010. It can be downloaded digitally via Spotify, iTunes, etc., and the physical version is available via Support the band by buying the Cd or you can buy each song seperatly in digital format. To all norwegian fans out there: Tonic Breed recently signed a deal with "Indie Distribution," which will make the album available in Norway in November 2011! We will come back with more information about the release!

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