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Daniel leaves Tonic Breed

Tonic Breed regrets to announce that after 5 years as Tonic Breed's drummer, Daniel Pettersen has chosen to leave the band by personal reasons.

Daniel from Sarpsborg, Norway, joined the band in the fall of 2007. He participated in the recording of Tonic Breed's Demo Oblivion and full length album On the Brink of Destruction, and has played numberous concerts in different parts of Norway
Daniel's lack of interest playing the drums has been a well knowned problem within the band. Due other personal reasons involved as well, this statement did not come as a big surprise, but yet really sad news for the band.

Patrik: "It has been a great inspiration playing in a band with Daniel. He's not just a great drummer, but a great musician in total. I wish him the best of luck as a guitar player in what's used to be his side project, Bitter Goldfish, and his further career within music in general."

Rudi: "Will miss you, bro!"

Former guitarist Bjørn Myhren: "It's a pitty that Daniel's leaving the band, but i support and understand his decision. It's been an absolute pleasure to play with such a talented drummer!"

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