Tonic Breed

Thomas Koksvik is our new guitarist

Ever since Anders Bekken left the band 6 months ago due duty in the norwegian army, we have been searching for a new guitarist to take his place. We've been searching high and low, hoping to find the one to fill Anders's and first member Bjørn Myhren's shoes. We've just found our guy! Thomas Koksvik, born in Asker, Norway and former student at Trøndertun folk high school, just gave us the great news that he want to be a part of Tonic Breed. He has a great live experience in several bands such as Avarice, Eirik and the Jassmasters and The Tention. Thomas's arrival to the band is a perfect timing now that we are in the middle of the writing prosess for the next album. We really look forward to play live again and first up will be Sarpsborg February, 18th. We wish Thomas welcome to the band!

Thomas Koksvik - Tonic Breed

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