Tonic Breed

A touch of the past

Beau Hill - Thonic Breed

Usually we don't mess to much with our history. We don't like getting stuck to the past and fuck things up. But we're just about to do one exception. As matter in fact, we're allready far in the process.

We reacently got a mail from Beau Hill, where he explained that he wanted to do a little revisit to mix and engineer one of our songs. Beau has a huge experience with producing and mixing hard rock and metal, working with bands such as Alice Cooper, Europe, Warrant, Ratt, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Winger and tons of other great artist's. His records has sold nearly 50 million units worldwide, and we then know we'll get a goddamn good result. Keep watching for further updates, as we soon will reveal what song, when, where, and how.

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