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Rob Mules Records

It is time to try something new, something we have never done before. We are proud to announce that Tonic Breed has signed with Rob Mules Records. Eternal Terror Magazine did an interview with co-founder Anders L. Rassmussen who said that Tonic Breed was a band they really wanted to sign in the future. And here we are. We are looking forward to this collaboration!

Rob Mules Records

From Rob Mules' website:

Rob Mules Records is a Norwegian record label where its desire lies in hard rock and metal music. Our mission is to help bands fulfill their dreams of releasing their music to the masses.

We are a brand new record company. But, don’t let that fool you. The work load and time spend to get this label up and running have been immense. And more importantly, we have great knowledge of the industry, two of us are musicians that have been in the rock and roll circuit for many years, touring and releasing music through different kinds of record labels, big and small.

We know first hand that the music business can be incredible frustrating for a hard rock and metal band. For a relatively unknown metal band it seems that the majority of records companies out there really don’t care. That said, for us it was time for a change! We are now sitting at the other side of the table, and we truly believe that this is a good label for any great hard rock and metal band to get their music released and more importantly, a record company that is motivated to put all the efforts into creating a place that sets the artist before the label. Music always comes first!

Terje Storvig, Anders Ljosdahl Rasmussen and Rolf-Erik Østerås

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