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On the Brink of Destruction Reviews

"It's not that easy to stand out from the crowd these days but I think Tonic Breed are doing that really good."

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"For those of us looking for a release with something different to offer, look nowhere else besides Tonic Breed’s latest release “On The Brink Of Destruction”. A compelling sound with a crystal clear tone, the mastering and overall production value on this release is really astounding considering this is an unsigned act. Smooth and melodic to a dirty aggressive sound. I really enjoyed this release mainly due to the amount of time spent engineering, every little event is so well rounded, and the use of effects and panning here and there were such a nice touch. This piece of work seems to be a mainly steady rock album with a sense of clean thought and complexity, everything is clear and easy to pick out. Which is the same simple combination of guitars, bass, vocals and drums, which you would commonly expect from artists in this genre. What I think makes this group more standout than others is the amount of thought put into each track, none of it is just slapped together, there are so many changes and transitions between the events of each song so much more than what I would expect. Progression is the key to this group, and I honestly believe this group has known this for quite sometime and has taken the time to master that ability. Another key point to this work is that the album does not sound like it is mass produced, after a while some of the music loses its edge and lets face facts, it all sounds the same. This album has a sound all of its own, its so live and real, its like it snaps you out of that bland remission we are left in from being exposed to so much garbage for so long. Some highlights I found on this record are the titles “Lowball”, for the combination of multiple events and its semi-aggressive edge, and the track “The Wait Is Over”, for the atmosphere it creates and the level of progression throughout the track.

Conclusion, for a refreshing taste of something new, I recommend this to you. A little slow at times, but definitely a group that knows what they are doing, and have turned it into a skill. Great job and I look forward to hearing more material in the future."

"'On The Brink Of Destruction' er en ren oppvisning i metal, type aggresiv og melodiøs thrash med super lyd og produksjon, og det er intet mindre enn imponerende utført."

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"Dette er forhåpentligvis ikke siste gang vi hører fra Tonic Breed, og håper for all del at bandet gjør seg ekstra synlig og får mersmak av å ha sluppet denne skiva. "

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