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Teeth of the Divine

"For an unsigned act Outsold has one of the best productions I have heard in a long time. Simply put it’s a fantastic album."


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Metal Temple

"TONIC BREED could easily advance up the ranks thanks to this impressive release."


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Rock Metal Essence

"Even with "Outsold", the second studio album of their career, the Norwegians, Tonic Breed, hit the center of the target, working on a platter of eight tracks perfectly balanced between thrash metal and heavy eighties."


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Metal Disciple

"Tonic Breed reinforces my growing belief that music, and particularly metal, can one day survive and even thrive without need of the corporate machine."


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Metal Storm

"(...) the music is done really well, their aren't many weaknesses and I do find myself enjoying the retro and redolent feelings I get when blasting this music through my 25 year old, 200-watt Pioneer speakers. I think I am going to go find that old "Metal Masters" VHS tape and reminisce...*sheds a tear*."


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The Killchain

"Tonic Breed SOUND unique, which in this world of cookie cutter bands, is enough to get them noticed."


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Lords of Metal

"One moment the band is grooving, the next moment chopping and pounding. Tonic Breed does all that. With a singer that sounds like a combination of Tom Araya and Mille, but who can sing something better."


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"Nei, jeg må si meg svært fornøyd med denne, jeg hadde ikke sett for meg at Tonic Breed skulle hoste opp en såpass spennende sak."


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" "Outsold" is a great album where all of the songs sound very different, yet somehow melt together to make a superb album full of varied vocals, catchy riffs, a lot of solos and awesome drumming."


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